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Fscism, California, BLM


According to reports the US is removing part of women's uterus in immigration detention facilities. This is Nazi type stuff. I may have to start calling the president Orange Hitler. Granted, they're not doing gas chambers yet but this is very close to Nazism. It's not just that, but even the existence of detention facilities, the putting the protesters in unmaked vehicles. This is a fascist regime. They also have gassed peaceful protesters. Yet people are still using the lesser of the two evils argument; what a joke.

California is on fire. This is a problem caused by climate change and power lines above ground. Another report came out spelling doomsday, the problem is these reports have been coming out for years, fuck all is done.

If you don't care about Black Lives Matter, do you care that tens of millions is paid in wrongful death settlements? Where are fiscal conservatives? Reforming the police might be the cheaper option.
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D.N.C V.S. R.N.C.

Last week it was the D.N.C. but you may have been confused as a bunch of Republicans spoke. Sorry but Joe Biden is nothing but a third way nut job. Let's recap the success of this thinking. Republicans repaid Bill Clinton working with them by constantly investigating and finally impeaching him. Obama was desperate to work with the Republicans, they told him to fuck off at every turn. Was Joe Biden sleeping the entire time he was Vice President? The guy is delusional, but not nearly as delusional as Orange Buffoon. So vote as early as you can for Joe. A few Republicans may work with him at first but they'll go back to hating him. Progressives only got about two minutes, Republicans got about ten times more at the very minimum. I hope this appeals to independents rather than depress their base. Hopefully Orange Buffoon is so bad it won't matter. That's what they said last time.

The R.N.C. is happening this week. It's just a bunch of unhinged people with no connection to reality. They called Biden a socialist; he's not. He said he'll veto Medicare For All. The girlfriend of Buffoon Jr was yelling to an empty room, viewers assumed both were on cocaine. If you strip away the bullshit I thought Marlana gave a decent speech compared to the BLACK PEOPLE AND SOCIALISTS ARE COMING TO GET YOU theme of most other speeches. I haven't seen Buffoon's press secretary's speech but apparently her speech was better.

If citizens of the U.S.A. don't want their government run by complete lunatics, they need to vote for Biden. Progressives shouldn't stop there; they need to get like minded people into the houses of government. Short term they need to limit damage done by politicians.
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Kamala, Buffoon, Clinton, NZ, Russia

Joe Biden picked Karmala Harris as his running mate. This is not surprising, or exciting. She's a corporatist. If you're exciting about it being a woman, congratulations, I guess. From a policy perspective I'd rather it be Elizabeth Warren. Then again her political instincts sucked, but she still lasted longer than Harris. Hopefully Harris will mean the African American community will vote for Biden despite his occasionally gaffes. His latest was saying something like Latino communities have different standards than African American communities. I don't know what the fuck that means. Shut up Joe. Stay quiet and you'll probably be elected. This is not to suggest African Americans will only vote Democrats if there's someone representing them on the ticket, but it is certainly important for some.

Orange Buffoon is trying to fuck with the post office to make it slow and ineffective. He wants to screw with the election. He already suggested delaying the election. I don't think it'll work. However to combat this Americans should request and send in their ballots as early as possible. This is not difficult, it's between a senile old man with a horrible track record and may have assaulted someone, and a totally stupid and totally crazy old man with a racist history, completely fucked up the pandemic response, barely bothers to read, insults everyone, causes the rest of the world to laugh at the U.S.A., can't retain basic information, says crazy and stupid things constantly, has assault allegations from 40 woman at minimum, committed tax fraud, bankrupted companies. More importantly the latter assigns complete clowns to positions, the people wouldn't be as incompetent on the other side, this is important. If you want to minimize damage, the choice is clear. There is no need to wait. Vote A.S.A.P.

Bill Clinton is named in documents related to the Epstein case. He was on the island multiple times. We don't know what he did. I think that best case he knew about what was going on and let it. To me the big question is why isn't Buffoon asking Clinton to be prosecuted? Maybe Buffoon is has secrets regarding Epstein too? If he didn't he'd be on Twitter every day calling for Clinton's head.

New Zealand has increased restrictions after a few cases of Covid came up in the South Auckland community, unknown origin. I don't like this. The sooner a vaccine comes out the better.

However I'm not taking Putin's vaccine if other vaccines will be available. Some in the medical community think Putin has cut corners, so I'm right to be skeptical. I wish the people of Russia well, well excluding Putin. I hope that the country eradicates the virus.
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Vaccines, stop congratulating Buffoon, Buffon's America

A vaccine or two are in phase three trials. A problem is who knows if it's mutated so much in the U.S. so a vaccine isn't effective. Countries have already ordered millions of doses. I hope it works. Otherwise everything will be pretty fucked. Imagine if they ordered from a company which a vaccine isn't effective and a competitor had an effective one.

Everyone congratulated Buffoon for wearing a mask but two weeks later he promoted a doctor who said masks don't work. The same doctor believes medicine is made from alien D.N.A. This is what happens when you have a president that just retweets random people without vetting them. The press likes to congratulate Buffoon, they need to stop. He is a moron who should be removed from office. Even if he's decent for an hour he goes back to being crazy and stupid. 25th amendment 25th amendment 25th amendment! At this stage I'd impeach the fucker again, however it's so close to the election and it could be a political risk. Then again, fuck him. impeach that fucker. And I don't care that Twitter temporarily suspended Buffoon Jr's account over the same video, fuck him too!

The Buffoon team are trying to paint the chaos in the streets as "Joe Biden's America" but it's happening under this administration. Hopefully the public isn't stupid enough to fall for it.
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Orange Buffoon, Kanye West, Michael Brooks

Orange Buffoon is now sending unwanted secret police to several cities. People in unmaked vehicles are abducting people. At what point does the comparison to Hitler stop being ridiculous. We can't be far away. The question is whether this continues during the election and what exactly this means. Hopefully he'll get slaughtered at the polls. Maybe he'll get his goons to "watch the polls". Sorry but this sounds like a tyranical government conservatives claim they care about. Conservatives are full of shit. What happened to states' rights? Well some of the states don't want the brown shirts; Orange Buffoon is still sending them. This development is certainly concerning, let's hope he's fucking off in January.

Who's stupid enough to hold a campaign rally in a middle of a pandemic for a presidential race he has no chance of winning? Kanye West! Also Orange Buffoon. Kanye West is apparently running for president but is probably not on enough ballets to win. I was debating if I was even going to cover this, but the moron did a rally. OK you have my attention. You're an idiot, go away!

Progressive commentator Michael Brooks died. He was 3 years older than me. While I didn't view his content regularly I did enjoy his commentary from time to time. He was also a very talented impressionist. His death was featured on Twitter; that's kind of amazing, I would have thought only hollywood stars get featured there.
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Brazil, U.S.A., NZ National

The leader of Brazil didn't take Coronavirus seriously and has now got Coronavirus. He's a lunatic, just like Buffoon. He doesn't have my sympathy. I don't care if I am a bad person. I am not going to care about idiots turning their countries into disaster zones. He's also fucking up the climate by eliminating forest areas. Fuck this guy.

Meanwhile in the U.S.A. in the middle of a pandemic Buffoon and his daughter are illegally promoting a food company with Twitter. You can add this to sentences I've never thought that I would say.

Back in New Zealand the leader of the opposition resigned after 7 weeks. How pathetic. Losing to a first term government would be less pathetic, at least it would be understandable. Ice queen Judith Collins has taken over, all the personality of a dead rat.
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US, Australia, Maxwell

Orange Buffoon's poll numbers are crap. It's a mistake to count him completely out but I don't think that it is likely he's elected.

The US government is finally asking people to wear masks after Goldman Sachs said that it would be better for the economy. They're still largely fucked and it's getting worse.

Morons are having Covid parties. They're having parties specifically to catch Covid. Which would be fine if they were only hurting themselves but many will spread it to people in the vulnerable category. Some of these idiots will likely cause their love ones to die.

Australia is also not doing so good. It also had 200 new cases a day. All these idiots are suggesting a trans Tasman bubble. Well how about they get Coronavirus under control first. I enjoy going to Australia and hooking up, was going to do it earlier this year but my passport expired. I think it is best to keep the virus at bay until at least more effective treatments become available.

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in NH this week; she was basically Jeffery Epstein's assistant. If you want information on how bad they were, there's plenty of information elsewhere. My question is, why was she in the US at all? If I was wanted in the Jeffery Epstein case I'd quickly head to a country without an extradicion treaty. This woman is an idiot. Why would you stay in the US? Why? Just why? Does Narcissistic Personality Disorder play a role? Now that she's in custody is she going to name names. I don't see why the F.B.I. wouldn't already have that information. Now the question is will she"commit suicide" like her boss. If so I doubt that they're actually suicides.
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Memes, JK Rowlling, Police, Censorship, NZ Covid

I saw memes saying "don't blame Black Lives Matter for covid spreading, blame all these other things." This is idiotic. If I wanted to live in a completely delusional fantasy world I'd watch Fox News. Are the protesters spreading covid? Yes. Are other things? Yes. Is the primary reason why covid is spreading in the U.S. the government is dysfunctional and run by a complete clown? Yes.

JK Rowlling complained about the phrase "people who menstrate" and thinks that it should be woman who menstrate. Get a fucking life. How boring must your life be that this is what you complain about? "People who menstrate" is technically correct. I understand that women have heard certain phrases all of their life and some may see it as taking away their identity, but seriously get the fuck over it. The trans community won't stop wanting inclusive language, so this debate will go on endlessly. Women, don't you have better things to worry about? Is the pay gap resolved? Have the Me Too issues disappeared? Trans people, I think that you have bigger issues too. Complaining about language is pointless as nobody agrees.

Some people are saying defund the police, I think that this is terrible framing and makes the issue easily misunderstood. Reform the police is a better message. The police in the U.S. needs to be reformed with better training, taking away their military grade equipment, weeding out abusive officers, encouraging reporting of abusive officers, keeping officers within their own community.

Orange Buffoon started a Twitter war with the company itself and has ended up signing an Executive Order. (which will probably be struck down) Basically Twitter fact checked a Tweet about voting and censored a Tweet saying "when the looting starts, the shooting starts", miled actions considering all the crap on his Twitter insulting people. Hypocritical right-wingers have built their entire party on fuck the government and letting corporations do whatever they like, suddenly they love regulations if their speech is affected. They also don't understand that you have free speech with the government, not social media platforms. Of course this is another case where the most powerful person on the planet is a victim. Facebook responded by saying that it doesn't want to regulate truth, which is bullshit considering they took down one of my satirical memes for spreading misinformation, IT'S FUCKING SATIRE! Obviously they have a two tier censorship system. If I was an orange clown running a country I am guessing that they would have left it up.

Covid is back in New Zealand after a 24 day clear streak. For some reason the couple was allowed to break quarantine. Sorry but this is incompetence! This kind of shit leads to more lock downs. Can't people overseas do Zoom funerals instead of infecting us with Covid. Yes I am heartless, deal with it. The person having the funeral doesn't care how you attend.
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George Floyd protests

People in the US are protesting because another black person was killed by police. (George Floyd) Hey, this at least makes a change from writing about coronavirus constantly. What's weird to me is there's at least 100,000 deaths in the US by Coronavirus but it was one death that set the protests off. I'm also not sure protesting during a pandemic is a very good idea, protesting in other countries makes even less sense.

First point about the video, when someone says that they can't breath, get off their fucking neck. Second point, there were three other officers on the scene, they did nothing. The officer also had an history of violence, people like Amy Klobuchar (who ran in the democrat primary for president) could have prosecuted him, she chose not to, so fuck her. I can't breath were also the words that Eric Gardener said before his death. Now police in the US are gassing peaceful protesters, arresting journalists and some are even firing into crowds. Sure, there could be some bad protesters but I expect that most of the violence is coming from the state side. This is a systematic issue.

Orange Buffoon is calming people down, just joking he's threatening to send in the military and wants governors to "dominate" protesters. (Perhaps a reference to the games he played with Marlana she still liked him.) Yet people were afraid that Obama was going to declare Marshal Law, what idiots.

Ultimately I support the protests, even though it may not help with pandemic. However I don't think it'll lead to any significant change. Did Occupy? Did the first Black Lives Matter protests? how about the Women's March? I am for safe peaceful protests, I was even involved in one, I just don't think that they're terribly effective.
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Vaccine, Idiots, NZ National

No bad news on a covid vaccines, this is good news.

Apart from the stupid fucks who think that Bill Gates using it to track everyone. Firstly there's no evidence of this. Secondly the government and corporations can already track you with your cell phone and your internet connection. Pandemics bring out the stupid in people.

Everything is fucked, the US stock market goes up anyway. I think it's a case of one death is a tragedy, thousands are a statistics. People are also spending the stimulus checks on it, the US government is buying index funds, and big tech is booming. Many things are closed, but small businesses are not on the stock market. Maybe it'll randomly crash, but it usually comes back up.

In New Zealand National changed their leader, this is stupid because the new one won't win. He should have let Simon take the hit then swoop in for 2023. My guess is he will be out after an inevitable election lost.

People are now complaining that National's top 10 is all white. I don't care! Their policy is still crap. If they screw the middle class by raising G.S.T and doctors fees, would people feel better if a transgender asian is a minister when they announce it. That's just silly. They'd call complaining about this "woke" policies in the U.S., a term they seem to have borrowed from the conspiracy theorists. Don't get me wrong I like diversity, but National has always be a party for the white and rich; this is reflected in policy. Also just because you have a person from a minority group doesn't mean they won't screw their own groups, or other groups. For example Dave Rubin, a gay man went on Fox News and said firefighters were having trouble fighting fires because of diversity requirements. I know I am mixing countries but you get the point. M.P. are usually well off people who suck up to donors and do their bidding, especially those on the right. It doesn't matter how diverse they are, they're still going to fuck you! (and not in a good way if you're into that)
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