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Birtherism, Deplorables, Health, Leaks

Donald Trump has now said that Obama was born in the United States; he ended the movement but Hillary Clinton started it. Both points not really true. I am sure this will do nothing but to end the conspiracy theories. Clinton has never said Obama is a muslim but has said questionable things. "Obama says he is a Christian and I take him at his word" There was also the picture of Obama photoshopped to make him looked Muslim which is tied to people indirectly connected to the Clinton campaign. Some people also interpret her comments on "Real Americans" as a dig at Obama. However this was never a big part of her campaign. She never demanded to see Obama's birth certificate, that was Donald Trum. She never sent people to Hawaii to investigate Obama, that was Donald Trump. She never demanded to see Obama's college transcripts, that was Donald Trump. It is also alleged that the original conspiracy theories started in 2004 with Obama's senate run. So while Hillary Clinton is not totally innocent; did not start the birther movement.

Hillary Clinton made a error in judgment and said that half of Donald Trump's supporters were in a basket of deplorables. Is that incorrect? My answer is kind of but not really. Firstly let's separate the enthusiastic supporters from the people who are voting for him because they hate Hillary Clinton or have some emotional attachment to the republican party. Let's just take a poll from his supporters in the primaries: 55% don't think that Obama was born in America, 60% say that he is not a Christian, 31% say that homosexuals should be banned from entering the United States. To be super fair to Trump supporters some people do believe that their interpretation of Christianity is the only true interpretation and therefore they're the only true Christian, same thing with American. Polls may be skewed too. After you be super fair and take those factors away. I'd say that a third of his enthusiastic can very easily be labelled as deplorable, the number is probably more.

Donald Trump went on Doctor Oz and released his health records, because why not do that on a show that gives out 60% inaccurate medical advice and pushes bogus health products? They're a perfect match.

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, I really don't care about this story, but the Clintons did themselves no favours by trying to hide it. They should have just been up front because now it looks like secrecy from the Clintons, and it is! Hillary Clinton needed to stop campaigning for a bit. Perhaps get Obama or Bill to do some events so she could recover. Then again Bill recently did just that and said she had the flu, not pneumonia. This further fuels conspiracy theories about her health. I am not going to take part in this. A healthy Hillary Clinton is a corporatist war hawk. An unhealthy Hillary Clinton is a corporatist war hawk. I really don't give a fuck about her health to be honest. One more thing, people posting YouTube conspiracy videos with physicians that haven't examined Hillary Clinton saying that she only has one year to live are the stupidest people alive.

Two sets of leaks from hackings. One Colin Powell's emails. He think Trump is a disaster and Clinton less of a disaster. Apparently he warned her team not to lie about her email server and didn't want to be tied to it. (Side note according to some sources the server was less secure than GMail, there goes the assertion that Powell using AOL was worse) What was interesting also if true was the Clintons still bitter about the 2008 defeat refer to Obama as \'that man". I don't know how accurate this is but I guess you can never trust if politicians are as chummy as they seem, this works in reverse too; political opponents can also be great mates behind closed doors. The second leak states Obama assigned positions in his administration to donors, I am sure that Hillary will be no different. The message is clear; donate a few million to a presidential campaign; you can probably get a government job for you or your mates. America doesn't have capitalism; it has crony capitalism.
Posted at 17/09/2016 23:16:33 EDT 0 comments

Clinton, Trump, North Korea

Hillary Clinton is currently tied in the latest polls. What the fuck? How shitty are you as a candidate if you're tied with Donald Trump? If Donald Trump wins then the only people to blame are the fucking morons who think Hillary Clinton is electable and the only reason she isn't losing by a landslide is the republicans elected Donald fucking Trump as leader. Data on her unfavourables were available last year. Making her leader was a stupid decision advocated for by complete idiots. Let's get the most unpopular democrate we can find and make her leader. Genius!

There was a presidential town hall this week, let's just focus on Trump. It was obvious to everyone that watched that he has no clue what he is talking about. "We're losing jobs like babies" BABIES DON'T HAVE JOBS! This man is stupid and incompetent. It felt like the interviewer was giving him softballs deliberately and even then his answers were kind of ridiculous. Don't give Donald Trump softballs; don't give any presidential candidate softballs. If you refuse to challenge candidates then a complete idiot like George W Bush could be elected. Media today is afraid of being called bias; what's actually bias is pretending that all opinions are equal. Someone said climate change exists. Someone said it does not. All opinions are equal, doesn't matter that 97% of scientists agree that it does exists, why point out facts? As the forth estate we're not here to hold people accountable. Trump said he was always against the Iraq war. Doesn't matter that there is audio confirming the complete opposite, perhaps that was John Miller.

North Korea is testing nuclear missiles, should we be concerned? Well more concerned than about Iran which didn't have nuclear weapons. Neither did Iraq but the US invaded then. Hopefully any government knows that if it launches a nuclear weapon to kill civilians their government is history. Although if we wouldn't tolerate such behaviour from Iran, we shouldn't from North Korea. We should put pressure on them and the governments that are propping them up (China from my understanding) to get them to stop.
Posted at 10/09/2016 21:35:32 EDT 2 comments

Clinton, Trump, YouTube

Hillary Clinton's latest strategy; label republicans not as crazy as Donald Trump. This is why I've called her delusional in the past; because that's exactly what she is. This is a terrible idea. Firstly not to point out the fucking obvious but it is not her job to make republicans seem likable, she's the OPPOSITION! (Well in theory) It is the republicans job to make themselves seem likable! I am not one to say never compromise but the Clintons and the Obama administration default position is agree with the right wing position and fuck the left on at least 60% of the issues. They don't know how, or probably do not want to negotiate. They are in reality right wing neoliberals and do not give a fuck about left wing causes apart from gay rights and abortion.

In very quick Trump news he went to Mexico and appeared to be softening his stance on immigration, but no he did a supposedly major immigration speech which appeared to repeat the original position of kicking out everyone, having Mexico pay for the wall even though the President told him earlier that day that they won't pay for the wall. In other news four models have come forward with allegations that the Trump Modelling Agency hired them without ensuring they have the proper Visa requirements. This is a similar story to Trump's wife; she did shoots in 1995 but only got a work enabled Visa in 1996. So banging on about illegal immigrants, turns out his own wife and models are guilty of playing the immigration system.

YouTube creators are pissed about YouTube banning monetization on controversial videos such as war and political conflicts. According to YouTube this has been the policy for quite sometime but they are now being more transparent on the issue and have an appeals process. Personally I think that YouTube should just create a system to allow advertisers to choose if there advertisements go on controversial topics, additionally they may want to create a system to allow channels or networks to sell advertisements directly more easily. It theoretically already has this feature as part of Multi Channel Networks; I would suggest that big channels utilize this function more even if you're creating a brand new MCN. There's other options like Pateron, sponsorship, many channels have membership options. If you're creative you can make do. For smaller channels the revenue is probably piss poor anyway; I get less than 50 cents a month from my videos. Smaller channels may want to consider joining a MCN that sells advertisements. Again this decision is reckless from YouTube; they should come up with better solutions.
Posted at 03/09/2016 21:25:27 EDT 0 comments

Rodrigo Duterte


Something terrible is happening in the Philippines, they elected a new president (Rodrigo Duterte) and he turned out to be a monster, a Donald Trump style monster except he has power. Actually he is worse than Trump as Trump never advocates killing the country's own citizens. The problem is not just that, the problem is citizens killing each other. All for the grand crime of using drugs! This is the closest thing you would get to a genocide of drug users. I don't throw this word around. 1800 people have so far be killed. Of course this also allows murderers an easy way to kill people, just say they used drugs and who knows if you get away with it. This is a disaster and is a crisis. The question is what you do about it. I would strongly advocate for economic consequences. I know that the Philippines is a source of international cheap labour, it's time to move elsewhere. Governments need to stop trading with the Philippines until they stop the killings. Side note, it's best to target rich people, if you do this they would be more likely to change things. The answer to many problems is not war as the brain dead people on the right advocate, you have to be smart and strategic. Sadly I fear that the world is going to ignore this problem as they have the same braindead policy of punishing drug users just not to this extreme. Hopefully such policies will change, but it's going to take time. Unfortunately it'll be too late for many people in the Philippines.

There's also striking parallels between Rodrigo and Donald Trump. He played the anti establishment card goin up against an investment banker. Perhaps more stunning he belittled a stroke victim on stage then claimed he was only joking. Until he goes I'll add the Philippines to the places I'd never visit list along with Uganda, North Korea and basically anywhere homosexuality is illegal.
Posted at 27/08/2016 22:44:11 EDT 0 comments

Trump campaign manager, Clinton

Donald Trump has changed campaign managers for the third time, which is kind of like arranging chairs on the Titanic. The last one had to go after it was revealed that he had ties to Russian interests. The GOP platform had been changed to relax the stance on the war activities of Russia. In a separate story Trump's daughter was on holiday with Putin's girlfriend, I just love what a freak show this is. It's like the Trump campaign has no self awareness. If there are questions about Trump's ties to Russia. The last thing they should do is have a family member appear with Putin's significant other. She couldn't hold off on that trip until after the election? If my dad was about to become president I would do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. This is a clown show, even a shit show. Why would Donald Trump change campaign managers three times if he was not serious? On the other hand if the GOP platform was changed without him being elected that is still a win for Russia. OK now I am being conspiratoral, I have no idea what's in Trump's crazy head. I am very happy to just think he's an incompetent clown. He actually bankrupted 3 casinos, not just one. His new campaign manager is crazy conservative website Breitbart executive Steve Bannon which is a curious choice if he's really trying to get votes from people who don't believe in crazy stupid shit bordering on conspiracy theories. I also have to question how is this different from what he was doing previously. This would only go in a even more insane direction. Maybe that's the point?

Meanwhile Corporate Clinton has appointed a corporate lacky to find positions for her probable upcoming government. A piece of good news from the Clinton camp is the Clinton Foundation will stop taking money from offshore donors, only not for a year. So I guess foreign governments can still pour in money until that time. I reported last week that that Hillary Clinton did favors for donors of the Clinton Foundation when she was in the State Department, not banning foreign donors now seems arrogant. Perhaps this is like Trump's daughter going on holiday with Putin's girlfriend, do they not see what everybody else does? Fortunately for the Clintons it is Trump that gets most of the negative media attention if you're not including Fox News. There's speculation that this isn't the end of the scandals at the Clinton Foundation; apparently they have hired a cyber security firm and they may have been hacked. I'll keep you informed of further developments. Side note, Bill Clinton is also stepping down if Hillary becomes president, no opinion of this.
Posted at 20/08/2016 22:42:18 EDT 0 comments

Roger Ailes, Clinton, Trump

Roger Ailes has been fired as the head of Fox News. Last month Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit, turns out this was the tip of the ice berg. More and more women have come forward with similar stories. It is also reported that some of the women and possibly himself kept recordings of some of the encounters. After his departure it was revealed that a black room existed where they would spy on people from other networks. It was kind of already known by other networks as when Cenk Uygur was at MSNBC he was told not to do a story on Fox News because of the spying, his independent network has done countless anti Fox News stories so he didn't pay too much attention.

Hillary Clinton will probably be the next president of the United States unless Donald Trump manages to dig himself out of the shit hole he's in or is replaced. There's still a problem with Hillary Clinton. There are new allegation of favours being done for people who have donated to the Clinton Foundation. This includes getting a job for someone at the State Department who was associated with a donor to the Clinton Foundation. I wonder what impact this types of things will have on the 2020 election.

Instead of focusing on this Trump is currently calling Obama and Clinton the founders of ISIS. The guy is either self destructive or deliberately trying to lose. 6 bankruptcies is a pretty good sign that someone is self destructive everything he does turns to shit. Now the campaign is going the same way. I really don't know if he is capable of winning because of this reason.
Posted at 14/08/2016 00:10:44 EDT 0 comments

Trump possibly jumps the shark

Things are not good for the Trump campaign. Maybe Trump has FINALLY jump the shark. It started when he insulted the father of a dead soldier. Apparently insulting John McCain was perfectly fine. This put his campaign in freefall but also Trump was apparently briefed on foreign policy and asked why can't he just use nukes, he asked this three times in an hour. The ghostwriter of his book "The Art of the Deal" says he's a psychopath and says he's incredibly scared of giving him the nuclear codes. There's serious talk of trying to replace Trump within the GOP, unfortunately for them he would have to voluntarily drop out. There's two circumstances I see; he has a massive ego so if he thinks he can't recover in the polls he may drop out. Then again some people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder actually like being hated. The second case is he's just paid to drop out. The other remote case is that he is assassinated but that is a remote possibly. More likely he'll drop out. I frequently debate to myself whether he actually wants to be president and some people say he's just throwing the election for Clinton. He could be throwing the election, however he could be just massively incompetent. Politifact looked into his bankruptcies and the number is actually at 6 including a casino. President Trump was always a possibility, however it's also possible that he tremendously fucks it up. If anybody can fuck things up it's Donald Trump!
Posted at 06/08/2016 22:12:03 EDT 0 comments

DNC, Hacking

The Democratic National Convention was kind of a snore fest mixed in with some good speeches by Obama, half of Tim Kaine's and Joe Biden. Hillary Clinton does not have the best reputation with it comes to speeches and that reputation appears to be well earned, some good moments though. Overall the convention had too much emphasis on 9/11 and sounded a lot like what the republicans would do in normal elections. I also hated the fact that that they constantly used people with disabilities to push the narrative that you should vote for Hillary Clinton. Not being a dick to people with disabilities is like the easiest thing in the world. Though Donald Trump does things like mocking a reporter with a disability. It is important to show a contrast, but tone it the fuck down on using people with disabilities. To my surprise they did not spend the majority of the time attacking Donald Trump, you could even argue that they went too soft on him for the first two days. Picked up on the 3rd day. I think that they deserve credit for not over-doing the the attacks. The convention wasn't great but OK.

Donald Trump made headlines during the convention by suggesting that Russia should hack to uncover the emails that Hillary Clinton deleted. Some are calling this treason, even Donald Trump later walked this back. Donald Trump is particularly good at grabbing headlines, this is another example. I am not sure if Donald Trump can do anything else competently other than grab headlines. The story that sparked the story was Wikileaks releasing emails from the DNC that showed that they were advocating on behalf of Hillary's campaign, which basically confirmed what was fucking obvious anyway.
Posted at 30/07/2016 22:38:53 EDT 0 comments

Tim Kaine, RNC

Hilary Clinton announced Tim Kaine as her running mate. Another "moderate" democrate. Good job at exciting the progressive base. By good job I mean miserable fucking failure. Does anybody in the country know who Tim Kaine is? I am very please on one thing, I WAS RIGHT! Elizabeth Warren was not the vice presidential nominee! She should have endorsed Bernie instead of playing a power game.

I did listen to much of the Republican National Convention, what a shit show. Not that I care but the celebrities were absolute shit, I did recognize a soap star who later called Obama a muslim, so obviously you can be an actor and still be a dumb fuck. The first day can be summed up by "My relative was killed by an illegal immigrant" and BENGAZI! I really don't know if Middle America cares about Bengazi. There has been nine reports into Bengazi, all found Hilary did nothing wrong. This is a really stupid strategy. The second day was Make America Work Again with absolutely no policy on how to do that apart from mine more coal. Apparently the coal industry is the only industry donating to the Trump campaign. Trump's wife gave a speech, I honestly thought that it was the best speech of the night. Then I found out they copied part of Michelle Obama's speech, you can't make this shit up! Absolute clowns running the Trump campaign. Day 3 Ted Cruz refused to endorse Trump, we'll see him when they nominate presidential candidates again. Perhaps the media focusing on these things prevents them from reporting on the even more scary aspects of the Republican party. Chris Christie lead a chant of "guilty", apparently legal proceedings on his own scandal Bridgegate start in September. Day 4 Trump spoke. It went on too long and was too shouty. The theme of the speech was the same of the entire convention. PEOPLE ARE COMING TO KILL YOU, FEAR THE OTHER. Sadly Hilary Clinton is primarily using fear to get people to vote for her, probably because she has the mindset of a republican.
Posted at 23/07/2016 22:19:44 EDT 0 comments

Pence, Clinton

Trump chose a VP. Unfortunately he isn't a total clown. Well not to the extent of Sarah Palin, Ben Carson or Michele Bachmann. He is an establishment republican. The kind that hates gay people and wants to restrict their rights and while still claiming to be for small government. This is disappointing and not just because he isn't a total laughing stock. Trump just seemed less anti gay than usual, and maybe he is. The GOP has amended their platform clarifying they still hate gay people and they also see porn (all porn) as a public health risk which I am delighted about and invite them to shout that they are the party that wants to ban porn from the rooftops. Does this even attract votes? Surely the ultra conservative wing that wants to ban porn because they're jealous and insecure that their partner watches porn will probably vote Republican no matter want. Let's say in their crazy world porn in banned. How many people almost immediately start having affairs? Good luck banning porn from the internet by the way. Also I imagine the porn industry would just donate to the politicians and suddenly it's no longer a public health crisis. Back to Pence, a smoking truther; does not believe smoking causes cancer. He is also skeptical on climate change and evolution. Trump only picks the best people! Trump could have chosen him to appease mainstream republicans and donors; he isn't getting the same amount of support as Romney. They have probably decided that Hilary Clinton will best protect the establishment.

Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hilary Clinton. He's not a sellout. I am sure he thinks that he got enough progressive policy goals out of Hilary Clinton to be satisfied. Will Hilary Clinton stick to the policy goals? No. So maybe you can accuse Bernie Sanders of being gullible. (another theory is Sanders is setting Clinton up to fail.) Sanders also doesn't want Trump elected. Personally if I lived in a deep red or deep blue state I would absolutely vote for Jil Stein. If I was in a swing state, I would probably do the same but not encourage people to do so.
Posted at 16/07/2016 22:58:54 EDT 0 comments

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