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Supreme Court, Herd, Smith

The US Supreme Court is basically the new government. I call them the Christian Taliban. It has overturned abortion rights, claims the EPA doesn't have the power to enforce rules and a whole host of other horrid crap. It can easily be stopped, some Democrats are just choosing not to, because they're fucking idiots. I am including Biden in this. He should just resign in disgrace if he won't stop people from walking all over him. People need to yell at him constantly "EXPAND THE SUPREME COURT" wherever they he goes. Progressive YouTubers are just as useless. Your YouTube show doesn't mean shit! Mobilize your audience! Your country is going to hell and you're just talking about it? FUCK YOU! At minimum you should be organizing camp outs and fund raising to pay a reporter to ask politicians questions like "Why haven't you arranged a meeting with Biden to discuss expanding the Supreme Court yet?". There's my idea, could someone fucking do it?

An ex Hollywood couple was suing each other recently. I don't give a fuck. The internet for some reason became obsessed about it. Twitter was still going on about Amber Herd is a liar weeks after the court case ended. Fuck you if you were one of those people. In fact fuck you if you posted about it at all without noting how stupid people are for posting about it, or that women haters are clearly just using it to bitch about a woman.

Will Smith punched Chris Rock over a joke. I don't care, but my takeaway is rich person privilege! If there was video of you punching someone, you'd be arrested and rightly so. No joke is worth punching someone over, I think Will should have just grabbed the mic and shamed Chris. All he did by punching Chris was making the conversation about the punch instead of his Wife's condition. Will Smith, what an idiot.
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New Variant, Infrastructure

There's another covid variant but nobody knows how bad it's going to be. Hopefully a new vaccine is going to be available by April. Maybe new variants are emerging because poorer nations can't get the vaccine. Leaders of richer nations can fix this, they're choosing not to, so fuck them. It's big headlines but we just don't know how resistant the new variant is to vaccines. It may not be worth panicing until we go. Of course don't actively try to get Covid but you should be doing this already; don't be an idiot. Biden signed the first infrastructure bill. Hey politicians are not completely useless! But lots of corporate handouts are in the bill, that is the reason that it passed. The second bill has green energy, family leave etc. It's practically dead at this point.
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Collin Powell

Colin Powell died. He was a Bush lacky. I think he was probably a useful idiot and that's the kindest thing I can say about him. Apparently he had regrets about selling the Iraq war to the public. It's easy to have regrets. Some people believed he could have stopped the Iraq war, who knows if that was the case. Cheney was solely the man responsible. Bush was an useful idiot, even more so than Powell. Iraq wasn't Powell's only blunder. Even so, his positions made history, he shattered glass ceilings. This doesn't undo his horrible decisions but is maybe a silver lining on a dark cloud. He had a cancer and died from covid despite being fully vaccinated. This is exactly why it's important for everyone to be vaccinated; to make it less likely that they spread it to vulnerable people. But whatever apparently people are too selfish and stupid to get a few injections. If I was in Collin Powell's position there's no way I am letting unvaccinated people near me. Anyway there's probably a reason why nobody asks me to write obituaries.
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Infrastructure, Facebook, Bill Maher

Democrats are squabbling over an infrastructure package. The progressives want a 3.5 trillion dollar bill, corporatists like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema want a much smaller bill. Joe Manchin has investments in fossil fuel companies, so he hates green energy. Sinema seems to be doing the bidding of her donors despite originally running as a progressive.

Facebook apparently had router issues, so went down for six hours. This seems ridiculous, but there you go.

I used to like Bill Maher but 80% of his commentary is complaining about wokeness and young people. He did a segment saying he didn't like travel influencers because they travel and try to get famous. He is a professional comedian, traveling and trying to get famous is exactly what they do! Are you kidding me Bill? I guess he wants to cancel travel influencers. He whines constantly about cancel culture too. Occasionally he does a good rant, but most of his show is utter shit.
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Politically correct language policing by anti vaxxers, Afghanistan

Anti vaxxers now want to be called "pro choice" and "pure blood". Interesting enough these types of people would say they're for free speech and against political correctness, now they're language policing with their own form of political correctness. These people are clowns. I will not be calling you "pro choice" unless I can add \'to be an idiot" afterwards. I'll continue to call you anti vaxxers and idiots, because that's what you are. For fuck sakes people previously went to war for their country yet people are unwilling to get a few vaccinations. How pathetic.

I am sick of the media reporting on Afghanistan. OK the Taliban is bad, we get it. Women and gays have fuck all rights in many countries. Half of the people outraged at how bad things are don't want to accept the refugees, they just want more endless war, so spare me!
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Criticisms, Idiots, Joe Rogan, Radio Hosts, Selfish idiots

ince the August 2021 lock down in New Zealand foreign commentators and Scott Morrison have criticized Jacinda Ardern. These people can all fuck off. Coronavirus is raging in their country.

I am just going to relentlessly insult and mock idiots from now on. I've had a guts full of idiots.

Idiots such as Joe Rogan who moronically thinks that a dewormer primarily used for live stock cured his coronavirus. It was probably the antibody treatment he also took, but sure credit the horse meds! What a fucking irresponsible idiot.

Recently four right-wing anti vaxx radio hosts died from Coronavirus. All I'll say is if they took the vaccine most would probably still be alive.

If these idiots want freedom they would take the fucking vaccine so there'd would be less need for fucking lock downs. "my body my choice" oh fuck off. At this stage your idiotcy is fucking up life for everybody else. If you can't get vaccinated because of medical reasons then I completely understand otherwise you're being a selfish idiot!
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Afghanistan, Cuomo, New Zealand

The US left Afghanistan, and the Taliban took over almost immediately. This is unfortunate but was probably inevitable. Surely this is a 20 year failure and waste of money for the US. The US military is a complete joke. The government they propped up collapsed immediately, pathetic. At the beginning the Taliban was eager to give up Bin Laden, the stupid fucking idiots should have accepted the offer. It could have saved countless lives and 5 trillion dollars. Now the Taliban has all the weapons the US gave the former government of Afghanistan, nice going idiots!

New York governor Andrew Cuomo resigned. He was a serial sexual assaulter. He also caused countless deaths by sending covid positive old people back to nursing homes, in a just world this guy should be charged.andrew Cuomo was a centrist Democrat known for playing tough when he wants to. He's not a progressive, so I don't care about him.

New Zealand is in lock down again after a single case. Locking down hard and early is really the only chance to stop the spread. If we delayed it'd be harder to stop and it would probably result in a longer lock down. If I didn't think it'd work I'd just come out and say it. Hopefully it does. However I'm also not here to cheerlead for the government. The slowness of vaccinations is a cluster fuck. If you worship Jacinda, that's your problem. I am grateful she's in charge as opposed to the complete morons in National and Act. She has done well, but I would definitely change a long list of things if I was in charge, sorry! Actually I'm not!
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Act, Olympics, Israel

The Act Party in New Zealand has a ridiculous and hypocritical policy where they want to limit the amount of tobacco and alcohol gang members buy. Firstly tobacco probably calms gang members, so on its face, not smart! Secondly Act is supposed to be a libertarian party all about liberty and freedom, this policy controls people's lives! But I guess they're not rich, so they don't give a fuck about them. This is the party that objected to the ban of assault rifles. I wonder if they're happy for gang members to have assault rifles but not tobacco.

The Olympics are happening, there's already an outbreak of Covid. This is the least surprising thing ever. Japan is obviously run by complete morons who don't have the sense to vaccinate most of their population before an international event.

The government of Israel has changed, but the government is still horrible to Palestinians. So, there's nothing really to report.
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Japan, Trans tasman bubble, USA

The government of Japan is fucking incompetent. Why would you host an international sporting event and not make vaccinations a higher priority.

Meanwhile the trans tasman bubble has proven to be a stupid idea, the government of New Zealand had to back pedal until cases go down in Australia.

The U.S.A. is in another wave, largely due to stupid unvaccinated people Half of Republicans refuse to be vaccinated, because they're cultish idiots. I don't know the solution since you can't force vaccinations. Perhaps they should tie another stimulus check to vaccinations and make exceptions for those with legitimate medical issues which prevent people from getting vaccinations. Problem solved!
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US Politics vaccinations

The Republicans and Democrats are negotiating an infrastructure deal. Of course it includes give aways to corporations in terms of public private partnerships and toll roads which will fuck the people. Basically they will build poorly maintained infrastructure and charge people to go on roads. There's another package with more progressive priorities but the Corporate Democrats won't vote for it.

The Corporate Democrats are also preventing a voting rights bill from passing because they won't abolish the Fillbuster. Fuck them.

The only things that will pass in the houses will be corporate shit.

Orange Buffoon is doing rallies again. Let's just continue ignoring him for as long as possible.

Meanwhile in New Zealand, vaccinations are fucking slow and pathetic. We opened the country to another country with slow and pathetic vaccines rollouts and now there's restrictions in Wellington. Why the fuck couldn't we have faster vaccine rollouts if we were going to open the border? This wasn't smart. A better approach would be opening the border between majority vaccinated countries. Not sure about the thought process of doing things any other way. It seems fucking stupid to me.
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