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Prince Philip, Afghanistan, Capital gains, Puerto Rico, States

Prince Philip died. He was racist so no big loss. Most of the people saying that they are sad have not even met him or have only met him once. People need to get a grip. He was really old and was in hospital. This should not be a surprise. At least the media will not bang on about it for 7 years like it did with fucking Diana.this was just traumatizing, I wasn't sure why the media was covering a woman so much. It's probably the reason why I can't stand the royal family. Apparently the media was covering the death of Prince Philip and ratings dropped. I do feel vindicated.

Joe Biden has decided to leave Afghanistan. I will believe it when I see it.If he follows through then good but the military industrial complex is powerful. If the U.S.A. gets out it'd probably be replaced by another needless conflict. Yes I am the eternal cynic!

Investors are freaking out over a potential 43% tax on capital gains, they should relax. People like Joe Manchin wouldn't allow such a rate. A slight increase could happen.

Orange Buffoon is a fuckwit and refused to release money to Puerto Rico because the politicians said mean things about him. Joe Biden has now corrected this injustice.

There's a debate regarding DC statehood. It's kind of ridiculous that the capital of the US isn't a state. Puerto Rico should be a state too. Apparently they historically only make new states when they contain white people. Hopefully this changes.
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Shootings, Royal reactions

Two shootings in the U.S. happened. There's not much to say. Idiot Democrats won't nuke the Fillbuster, any bills have little chance of passing. I have previously spoken about gun control on this blog. I really don't see the point of doing that again. The first victims were Asians. I want to clarify even though I occasionally criticize the government of China, my criticisms are not directed to Chinese people in general. In fact I welcome immigration. That clarification was probably pointness but eh I could talk about gun control but that's not happening. Republicans want to talk about mental health, but have no intention of funding it, that's kind of pointless too. Next they'll talk about video games. They'll talk about anything other than guns, because gun manufacturers fund their campaigns. Meanwhile I'm blaming George W Bush, he let the assault weapons ban expire, seriously fuck that guy. Speaking of mental health Meghan Markle said that she had suicidal thoughts. You had talk back hosts calling her a "hussy". Get a grip. Sounds like people hate her free speech. I wonder if they would like a safe space from people insulting the royal family. Seriously, some reactions, I just don't understand. WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW YOU EXIST. WHY? Fuck this, let's become a republic. By the way you're also stupid if you think Labour has any intention of converting us to one. I would love it to happen but unfortunately for some strange reason more than half the country still loves the royals and I expect quite a few Labour MPs do too.
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Cancel culture and royals

Cancel culture is not an actual problem. May I suggest that pandemics, climate change and rising inequality are bigger issues? If you go on about cancel culture (which shouldn't be confused with going on about people who complain about cancel culture) you're being distracted. I admit that I posted a few of those nonsense stories on facebook recently but in my defense half the time I said that I didn't actually care about the stories, I was more proposing alternatives to the companys' actions. I don't care about Mr Potato Head or Dr Suss. Occasionally companies do make bad decisions. So an episode of Faulty Towers isn't available on a streaming platform, get it on DVD. (they ended up with just a disclaimer on the episode) Do these things really affect people's lives? Most of the people affected by cancel culture are rich and probably did some horrible thing. I should care about them because? Seriously, I'm asking. Rosanne is a different case, I think that she should have been offered mental health help and a second chance once treatment was progressing. Ultimately I don't care about her. I only care about strangers going viral and losing their job. If people are not public figures, leave them alone. I cannot recall any other case of cancel culture that's worth caring about. Many people complaining about cancel culture really don't know what it is. They label everything as cancel culture. They say criticizing celebrities is cancel culture, while claiming to be in favor of free speech. What the fuck? Impeaching Orange Buffoon was apparently cancelling the president. I'd have more time for people who complain about cancel culture if most weren't complete idiots.

Harry and Meghan did an interview saying that the royals are horrible and racist, this may be a simplified version because I don't care enough to watch it. I don't give a fuck about the royal family. It was built on slavery and incest. The idea of an unelected leader is absurd. I have no time for tradition or traditionalists. Abolish the monarchy! The accusations that they're racist are not surprising. Since everyone is hating on Harry and Meghan because they said mean things about their family, I will now like them. If they pissed of the rest of their imbred family that's great with me. Insane that people care so much about a wealthy family who they have never talked to. Get a grip. Perhaps liking them is too strong, but they're my favourite royals. the equivalent of having a favourite infectious disease. The only thing more absurd than having an unelected head of state is having an unelected head of state that lives in another country. Do people not like New Zealand enough to be independent? Seriously! It's not about the UK, their citizens are fine. I just don't see any logical reason why we need their fucking royal family. We're not living in medievil times. Heads of states should be elected. For people who call Meghan ungrateful. Yeah, things were so great for her that she moved to another country. How fucking stupid are you? I don't care about Meghan but the idea that you need to defend the royal family is batshit, just batshit!
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Auckland, Texas, Iran, Senate

Auckland New Zealand is in lock down again. The government is too soft, we need to ankle bracket the fuckers so they can't spread the fucking virus. Oh you disagree? Is burdening 1 million people a better solution? You're an idiot if you think this. People are hopeless!

People of Texas lost power because their energy companies are deregulated and disconnected from the rest of the country. Republicans tried to blame windmills even though only 8% of the power comes from them. They also tried to blame the Green New Deal even though it hasn't been implemented yet. Republicans are liars, stupid or probably both. If you deregulate energy companies they won't spend money to protect the grid, it's that simple.

One policy Obama was clearly superior at was Iran. Biden is shit at handling tensions, he's making things worse. He ordered a strike against Syria, a very stupid move. Obama's deal is dead, it won't be revived.

Meanwhile in the US Senate Nerra Tanden is not getting confirmed because basically everyone but Corporate Democrats hate her But even some corporate Democrats won't confirm her because she sends mean tweets. They don't object to her taking money from all sorts of special interests, it's the mean tweets. Many progressives think this is crazy, but they also really dislike Neera, so they are cool with this. In other news the covid relief bill won't include a $15 minimum wage because the Parliamentarian thinks it'll break the Byrd Rule. Even if you grant this (Bernie Sanders thinks this analysis is incorrect) the position can easily be overruled by the Vice President. If Democrats were really serious about raising wages they'd do it. Unfortunately they like corporate cash too much.
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Rush Limbaugh, NewsCorp

Rush Limbaugh died. Firstly he mocked the people who died of AIDS so I will mock him. Fuck him, the only reason I don't say he's burning in hell is I'm an atheist. He was sexist, racist, all the ists, homophobic, transphobic, all the phobics. He was human garbage! He called a women a slut because she wanted birth control. Meanwhile took a bunch of viagra on holiday, I guess because he couldn't get it up. When Cenk Uygur mentioned this during announcing his death I thought it was a bit much. But that was before I learned Rush had a segment mocking people that deceased from AIDS. The man was trash. He told a black woman to take the bone out of her nose when she called him. People say ding dong the witch is dead. I think witch is an inappropriate insult, can I suggest bastard scumfuck?

Facebook blocked news from Australia due to Australia making a law requiring them to pay news companies. Sounds OK. Until you realize NewsCorp lobbied for the law. My official position is NewsCorp can burn and I would piss on their ashes. The trouble with what Facebook did is they cast their net too wide and a bunch of community sites got caught up. It has since backed down which is unfortunate. The law was government intervention on behalf of NewsCorp, a company that pushes for free market anti government ideology. This is hypocritical. It's true that the news business may be less profitable nowadays but there's also wonderful crowd funded news organizations for example TheYoungTurks, The Guardian and The Intercept. Instead of innovating the Murdoch rags asked the government to make the mean mean internet companies pay, the hypocrites can fuck off.
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Saudi Arabia, Simon Bridges, Impeachment

Biden has ended support for the Saudi lead war in Yemon. However it's not all good news, Iran offered to get back into the Iran deal and the Biden administration declined. I hope that they changed their minds.

In New Zealand Air N.Z. was discovered to have a contract with Saudi Arabia. The C.E.O. apparently didn't know anything about it (who knows if that's true) and blames a third party. He said third party multiple times during a Breakfast interview, almost seemed like he memorized talking points. The government of Saudi Arabia is committing a genocide, chopped up a US journalist and provided funding for 9/11. The west has been buddies with this country for too long. It's all about the oil. Maybe the EV revolution will help reduce dependency on oil. Air NZ should cut ties.

More from N.Z. Simon Bridges thinks that banning Gay Conversion Therapy is associated with cancel culture. Simon Bridges is a moron. G.C.T. is psychological abuse and doesn't work. It has nothing to do with cancel culture. It's like his mind is so tiny he can only fit a few things in it at a time. For those who say we should respect religious beliefs, would you say the same thing about human sacrifice? G.C.T. could lead to suicide so it's not a far stretch.

Buffoon's second impeachment is happening and I don't want to cover this extensively. The Republican base still loves Buffoon so the Senate Republicans will save him. A few of the jurors such as Ted Cruz are co conspirators. Buffoon's legal team isn't doing a good job, then again they got a case a week ago because Buffoon fired his entire legal team. Their performance on day one was a rambling mess. One of them questioned why people say "my Senator", I don't know what that has to do with inciting violence. His tactic is the type of thing you do when you don't have anything substantive to say. Their defense today seems to be claiming other politicians say "fight for health-care" is the same as inciting violence. I supposed if you have a rigged jury you don't need a good defense.
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Buffoon, Vaccines, Myanmar, Russia, Tom Moore

Lawyers for Orange Buffoon have quit, this shouldn't be surprising as he's an insane person. The problem is he insists on going with the defense the election was stolen for him. This isn't a defense at all and they went to court 50 times, they didn't have a viable case. Steve Bannon thinks Buffoon should represent himself. Either Bannon is a complete idiot or he hates Buffoon. Buffoon pardoned Bannon so Bannon probably doesn't hate him.

No major bad news regarding vaccinations apart from the poorer countries having to wait until 2024. That is fucking ridiculous as it'll risk the virus mutating enough so the vaccine is ineffective. We really need to push to change this policy. The Buffoon administration also lost 20 million vaccines, they probably sold them to Saudi Arabia. Idiots are also protesting vaccination sights and trying to stop people from getting vaccinated. They are probably the same morons who are against lock downs. Holding the two positions simultaneously is fucking stupid as by vaccinating people lock downs could possibly be prevented. People are idiots.

The military seized power in Myanmar because they didn't like the outcome of a democratic election. I bet Orange Buffoon is jealous. They ruled for 20 years last time. The west condemned the take over, China didn't, perhaps because they're doing similar in Hong Kong.

After the main opposition leader in Russia was poisoned he's been sentenced to two years in prison. Now, if you've been poisoned why would you return to the country that did it? That was rather stupid. Or brave. No, I am going with stupid. Sorry! Everyone else can call him brave, I'd have stay the fuck away from a country with a leader who probably had me poisoned.

Tom Moore died. I'm going to use this story to trash the tories. Tom Moore raised 30 million pounds for the National Health Service in the UK. Why the fuck did he need to do that? It's the government's responsibility to get supplies and funds to the NHS. The buffoon of the prime minister should have made sure that the NHS had better resources, fuck him!
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Mike Pence, Stocks, John Banks, Google

According to reports Mike Pence is homeless. Kind of. He's couch surfing and doesn't have a home. This is reported by multiple sources. Of course homelessness isn't funny, Mike Pence being homeless is fucking hilarious. Orange Buffoon threatened people looking for new jobs and homes because he was convinced he would be getting a second term; this is a result of that. No idea why he didn't look for a place behind Orange Buffoon's back, but as I said weeks ago the man is truly spineless.

A bunch of Reddit users noticed GameSpot stock was being shorted so they raised the price by 3-10x. Apparently a hedge fund lost billions because of it and is now bankrupted. And now GameSpot is inflated as fuck so many people are going to lose money. I like the stock market however once you short stocks and trade forex, you're pretty much just gambling at this point. I don't kind if this becomes a regular thing. Platforms are already trying to shut this down. Discord already banned the original server of WallStreetBets which I think is bullshit. I am guessing this won't continue as regular people will lose money eventually when the price deflates.

John Banks said something racist; this isn't surprising. No offence to radio hosts but the man was a former mayor and politician, why the hell is he hosting a radio show? Maybe he's a narcissist and likes the sound of his own voice. No way would I be hosting a radio show. Well maybe a trance show, not a fucking talk back show. This is how he spends his time? Shilling for corporations and the rich and all you are at the end of your life is a talk back host? Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

Google is threatening to ban Australia because it's going to force them to pay companies like NewsCorp to use their content. NewsCorp owns Fox News so they can fuck off. This law won't make Google pay people like you and me, it's only for corporations. I agree google shouldn't steal content like it routinely does but for a search engine to function it needs at least a headline, and maybe a small blurb. I don't believe Google should pay for this, but I would definitely like to see a ditching of sniplets, and enabling of websites to freely buy and sell links. Banning such a practice restricts commerce, small business and even charities could benefit from the extra revenue.
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Biden, Buffoon, Presidents

Joe Biden is president. This doesn't feel as good as it should. I am a cynic, you can't expect me to be happy. OK? Joe Biden may be delusional, but he's not a complete lunatic. He has already done some good things like expanding the eviction moratorium and the U.S. is back in the Paris Agreement. He has also discontinued the muslim ban. This is good news. He's no Bernie Sanders but at least he's not a mad man.

Orange Buffoon didn't pardon Rudy or his family but pardoned Steve Bannon who allegedly stole from Buffoon supporters saying his organization would build the wall. Buffoon also pardoned Lil Wayne and another rapper, random. Apparently people in the Whitehouse were selling pardons. He didn't pardon himself or his family because he was incorrectly told he'd have to list out the crimes. Farron Cussins isn't sure if the lawyers didn't know the law or deliberately tricked Buffoon.

What is his future? I expect he to be in legal trouble and will probably pay fines instead of going to prison, which is unfortunate but he's at least thought of as rich. I also expect some bankruptcies. I can't wait. If Melania has brains (which is unlikely) she'll divorce him before the banks get to him. I think that she may do it but more because she can't stand him.

I'll report on his misfortunes but want to limit my Buffoon coverage as I am done with him.

George W Bush attended the inauguration, let's not forget he should be in prison for war crimes. Clinton and Buffoon had ties to Epstein, even if they didn't do anything criminal these are also not good people. Of course Orange Buffoon is repulsive but let's not pretend Bill Clinton is a good person; the guy enacted neoliberal policy in office and the guy is trash.

I don't think Orange Buffoon is the worst president, only if you are counting specific metrics. Regan was the worst regarding economics and W Bush was the worst on foreign policy. I am sure for lots of specific metrics Orange Buffoon would be the worst.
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Buffoon, Parler, UK

Groups of Buffoon supporters stormed the Capitol. I call them Redneck Lives Matter. Only there were pipe bombs, what B.L.M. Protest had pipe bombs? Luckily they didn't go off. Five people died. Some were chanting "Hang Mike Pence". Some stole from offices inside the building. A few police assisted the mob. Certification of the election was interrupted. Also it was interrupted by senators several times. Senators were questioning the results. Since Republicans like to question basic facts like climate change and the results of the election, perhaps they would like to question gravity and jump off a bridge.

Orange Buffoon has since been banned from social media platforms. For people crying censorship he has a press room in his house, networks will cover him and articles covering what he says will be shared on social media. Many right wingers would say that they want private corporations to do whatever they want. This is the result of it. Capitalism just bit you in the ass. As for the fringe left saying censorship will fuck us, censorship already fucks you. Making the case for Orange Buffoon will do nothing. Corporations hate the left regardless. I do think that there's a valid case for world leaders to be on social media but obviously the companies think that he's too toxic.

Democrats are threatening a second impeachment if the cabinet doesn't invoke the 25th Amendment, which they won't. Waiting is unnecessary.

Parler, also known as Nazi Twitter also was shut down by its hosting company Amazon. My question is wasn't it hosted in a offshore location like Russia? If I was C.E.O. it wouldn't be shut down. Such a questionable service should have been hosted offshore. That's probably not the take that you were expecting. I just don't like incompetent people.

At the beginning of the year the UK government decided that it needed to do an 8 week lock down. The moronic government relaxed the rules for Christmas. I thought that this was a a dumb idea, I was proven right.
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