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Administration of deplorables

The administration of deplorables continues; Sarah Palin is apparently going to lead the VA, though maybe she quits half way through like she did Governor. Mitt Romney is a possible Secretary of State; the same Mitt Romney that dedicated a speech to saying what a failure Donald Trump was. Trump's former campaign manager is not happy and has bashed Romney in the media since the announcement. The probable education secretary is a big fan of giving vouchers for private schools. This takes funds out of the public system. You may think that this is fine and good until they start reducing or eliminating vouchers. I've saved the worst to last; the probable Treasury Secretary foreclosed on homes that was occupied by old people. In one case the payment was off by 27 cents; I'm not making this up! He has worked for numerous banks; even started one. He also fund raised for Donald Trump so this appears to be a reward. Trump has drained the swamp, of water and found some sharks and snakes to put into his administration.

If you thought that since Trump won the election he wouldn't be tweeting offensive crap you are wrong. His explanation on why he lost the popular vote is that a few million illegal immigrants voted for Hillary. It turns out there is no creditable evidence to this and it is a conspiracy theory brought to you by InfoWars and Alex Jones! What is he going to Tweet about next? Chemtrials? 9/11 was an inside job? Lizard people? InfoWars and Fox News shouldn't be considered legitimate news sources for the president.

After a Fox News story; Trump also tweeted that flag burning should be illegal punished by lost of citizenship or jail. The courts have established for a long time that you can't take away citizenship as a form of punishment and flag burning is a form of constitutionally protected free speech. Hillary Clinton once proposed fines for flag burning. Both of them are wrong. I don't like flag burning as a form of protest but recognize they have a right to do it. I would rather figure out why they are doing it rather than getting hung up over the symbolism; they are just burning material when it comes down to it.
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Jill Stien, Trump

Since the election Jil Stien has been busy. First she filed lawsuits alleging both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton broke campaign finance rules. Second she has raised money for some recounts in several key states. It probably won't change the electoral results but it appears more than the Clinton camp is doing. Other people have been trying to get the Electoral College representatives to go with the popular vote instead of the Electoral College result. Turns out the Electoral College results are not binding and can be changed willy nilly, who knew? If I was Clinton I would be lobbying hard for this as Clinton won the popular vote by over 2 million. If your position is Clinton lost the Electoral College and that's that, that is entirely fair and is probably the correct position. However if I was Clinton I would be like "Fuck it" and would certainly go for it.2 million votes is 2 million votes. Some people think that Al Gore didn't fight hard enough. Fighting doesn't seem like Democrate's strong point even when they're in office.

In flip flop number #31926 Donald Trump now thinks that climate change is real and that humans are causing it. This makes a change from his previous position of climate change being a hoax. The change is positive but I wonder if he will set a record for flip flops.

In other news Trump registered about 7 companies in Saudi Arabia just before the election. Apparently this is all legal. So basically don't expect any action from him on things like human rights abuses and funding 9/11 hijackers. The Clintons also had financial ties to Saudi Arabia, so it matters little who is president and more where the money comes from.
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Upcoming administration is already a shitshow

The upcoming Trump Administration is already a shitshow, did you really expect any different? Trump met with Obama and didn't seem to understand what responsibilities the president has according to a video by David Pakman, he doesn't want to live in the white house. TheYoungTurks did a video outlining the different factions of the Trump Administration: corporatists, alt right nazi types, special interest donors and family. One of Trump's main advisers hates jews. The factions are fighting each other. If Trump had any sense he'd dump the neonazi types; but of course Trump is Trump so he made one his top adviser.

People say give him a chance. No! His chance was the campaign and he was massacring that every two weeks. OBAMA IS THE FOUNDER OF ISIS! FOUNDER FOUNDER FOUNDER! THAT WOMAN IS UGLY. Terrible campaign, didn't deserve to win. The only reason he won was he was running against Hillary Clinton. Ironically people thought Trump was a grand conspiracy to let Clinton win. If you wanted to give him a chance after his campaign. OK. His chance ends with appointing white supremacst, jew haters and people who want to throw Muslims in camps to his administration. Chance over! I predict this will be a deeply unpopular administration and will only last four years.

There are silver linings; he is not going ahead with the more extreme policies such as building a wall, mass deporting of illegal immigrants, and even repealling the Affordable Care Act. However his administration still has deplorable people in it and this should not be looked at lightly. There are also indication of Trump going back on his promise not to cut social security but George W Bush couldn't do it when he tried; the population may be even more hostile towards Trump if he tries, it probably won't be done under Trump in my opinion.

Donald Trump has settled his Trump University lawsuit for 15 million dollars. Basically a person with a history of being a fraudster is about to be president. He still has at least one sexual assault lawsuits to deal with. Crooked Hillary? Crooked both!
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Clinton lost, Trump won

Donald Trump is the next president of the United States. Oh fuck. I could rant at voters and that could be coming, but first...

The reason this happened can be summed up in two words: Hillary Clinton! If you think otherwise you're living in a fucking fantasy world. She was a bad politician, people know her record, people hate her record, the name Clinton has been demonized for 30 years, people on the right hate her, people on the left dislike her; a dozen scandals, play for play allegations, email server, FBI investigation, unconvincing and politically arrogant. I am sure I have forgotten points.

There were polls about a year ago and 55% or more found her unfavourable, she only did slightly better than Donald fucking Trump! For people that ignored this fact YOU WERE FUCKING WRONG AND PEOPLE HATED YOUR CANDIDATE!

Oh hall the mighty Clinton Machine, that didn't win in 2008 and couldn't win in 2016. Now Chelsea Clinton is considering a senate run. For fuck sakes. The Clintons need to fuck off. I'm done with them, I'm done with their supporters. Clinton supporters are reality deniers and are just as misguided as republicans.

Clinton did not offer any hope. Her entire campaign can be summed up as "I'm not Donald Trump" and "I'm with her". That's such a shitty slogan by the way, Why the fuck wasn't it #ShesWithYou. Apparently the idiots at her campaign couldn't think of that, I know "I'm with her" has history, but it was politician centered rather than voter centered. People vote for REPRESENTATIVES, you're supposed to REPRESENT them, or at the very least act like you do! Demonizing Donald Trump by itself didn't work, she needed to get people excited, give them something to vote for, she never did that convincingly! Millennials just didn't believe her; she needed to do better. You don't do this by pissing on Bernie Sanders supporters, I admit eventually this did sink in, but it was months too late.

She got the endorsement of people like Henry Kissenger and other deplorables; namely neocons. If you are into compromise; fine, but understand there's a difference between compromise and blowing the other side kisses.

Martin O'Malley didn't have an email server in his house, neither did Bernie Sanders, neither did Corey Booker, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and countless others. Nobody made Hillary have an email server in her house. I don't give a fuck about Colin Powell; he did not have a FBI investigation just before an election. Brilliant idea for Obama to put a republican in charge of the FBI. Fan fucking tastic.

Hillary did things that she did not have to do and were politically dumb, and not just in the previous campaign cycle. In all likelihood this cost her the election.

90% of other Democrates didn't have as many problems as Hillary Clinton and would have wiped the floor with Donald Trump. Sure Republicans would have made up stuff, but no name is as damaged on the Democrate side than Clinton. It wouldn't have had such of an effect.

Clinton won because of racists they say. How the fuck did a black guy win twice then? You could make an argument for mobilization but Hillary was also rubbish at mobilization; particularly with young voters.

You couldn't have had Bernie Sanders as the nominee because of anti Jewish hate. OK and people who hate jews would have voted for Trump that even without a jew in the race was already retweeting neo nazi propaganda. Jew S A was a chant at Trump rallies. I am pretty fucking sure Donald Trump had the antisemite vote on lock down already.

People hate socialism they say. Possibly, but people voted for Obama because of change, people voted for Trump partly because of change. Hillary Clinton didn't offer change, Bernie Sanders would have. Donald Trump was against trade deals or so he says; Bill Clinton pushed through NAFTA. Donald Trump couldn't have said the same about Jane Sanders. Hillary Clinton already named Bill Clinton as a top economic adviser; Trump wouldn't have riled up the anti trade sentiment as effectively; Sanders also spoke against TPPA and NAFTA. Even though Hillary Clinton also was apparently anti TPPA; she just wasn't creditable.

I am not in the camp of Bernie Sanders would have definitely won like almost all progressive pundits I listen to. I think that the media would have massively sided with Trump and it would be a massive gamble. However I do think that he would have a decent shot. Doesn't matter now. Hillary Clinton was chosen and that was a mistake; irrelevant if you wanted Bernie; I certainly did. Again 90% of other Democrates would have crushed a monster like Donald Trump.

Just because you are fine with Hillary Clinton giving speeches to banks etc. doesn't mean everyone else is. A mistake in politics is assuming people feels the same way. I used to make that mistake; I learned that lesson after the 2011 election; I was even gullible enough to believe that the polls were massively wrong. The same people were still singing that conspiracy in 2014. This also that proves just because you are on the left does not mean you're not batshit crazy on some issues. Clinton supporters are the perfect example.

Obama won because he was a good actor, Hillary Clinton was not. As Cenk Uygur said "people wanted to throw a brick through the establishment window" The left didn't come with a convincing brick, it came with Corporate Clinton. People voted for Obama not knowing that he was a corporatist. He was the CHANGE candidate but that change was really code for making "republicans and democrates to get along". He failed miserably at this, just like Hillary Clinton would have. Republicans launched about a billion investigations about her and impeached her husband over a blow job; they weren't going to get along with President Clinton and it's utterly delusional to think otherwise.

Clinton didn't have to go out of her way to say she would work with Republicans. People just want a leader who will fight for them. Compromise is best left until after the election. Even her own strategy team and party insiders thought that being so buddy buddy with the republicans was a bad strategy and was going to hurt down ballot Democrates. Arrogant Clinton didn't listen, her strategy sucked. She is a terrible politician. If she said I have been defending the people against republicans for 30 years and know how to make them get things done; that would have been a better strategy.

Gary Johnson took more from Trump than Jill Stien took from Hillary. Millennial turnout was also disastrous. People won't vote for a candidate if they aren't inspired to do so. You can blame Millennials all day long but the fact is Hillary Clinton didn't inspire people to vote for her; it's a fucking big part of her job. If nobody comes to your concert, would you blame the people or the singer. Of course you would blame the singer.

I do think that it is very unfortunate that America won't have a woman president, they simply chose the wrong woman.

I don't care that she won the popular vote, if she was a competent politician she would have gained enough support in swing states to win the electoral college, she didn't because she is a deeply unliked candidate. A portion of her voters only voted for Clinton to prevent Trump from taking the White House.

Hillary Clinton lost, because Hillary Clinton was shit candidate; almost universally disliked and would have gotten slaughtered if she ran against a more likable republican. As stated in the beginning; you're living in your own fucking fantasy world if you think otherwise.

Finally just because I'm done with Clinton supporters doesn't mean we can't be friends. I do genuinely believe that her supporters are fucking idiots when it comes to the topic of Hillary Clinton specifically; however many people are smart in some areas and stupid in others; that is just how humans operate. I can put aside our differences, but if you're going to be Clinton apologists; I will view you as batshit insane on the subject and frankly have no interest in your defenses or excuses. Hillary Clinton was a shit candidate; end of story.

This is the longest I've ranted on any one subject; on to Donald Trump.

George W Bush on steroids was just elected. What an absolute clusterfuck. Even Hillary Clinton would be better than this baffoon, are you fucking shitting me America? What the fuckidy fuck fuck. Just because I hate Hillary Clinton doesn't mean that Donald Trump was an acceptable choice. I also hate Donald Trump. He bankrupted 6 companies including several casinos. The guy is incompetent and probably has some kind of self destructive tendencies going on. Also the guy is unpopular; does loathsome things, and a good case can be made that this trait is intentional; I know a person that I suspect of having Narcissistic Personality Disorder and it's clear that he deliberately fucks people off to make people hate him, and no I'm not talking about myself. Self destructive tendencies combined with this is a toxic combination. Now he has an army and nuclear codes; good luck!

I am not going to lecture you that he is racist; everyone else can do that; it is however concerning that his election will empower racists.

If you really thought that President Trump wasn't going to screw you, then you are the most gullible people on the planet; he's a pathological liar. I don't believe him when he says he'll stop outsourcing, he personally benefits from outsourcing. The only way he'll stop the TPPA is if he brings it back under a different name. Very likely he will just pass the TPPA. However the New Zealand Publicity Clown which other people call the Prime Minister says it's dead in the water, so I could be wrong.

Corporate America is lining up to work with President Trump as I predicted; I am only surprised this didn't happen much sooner. Donald Trump is the establishment with a clown mask.

In conclusion: Fuck Corporate Clinton! Fuck Donald Trump! America was presented with two hideous choices but chose the more hideous one. (kind of, Corporate Clinton won the popular vote) I'll be watching with morbid curiosity. I regretted not being politically aware in the George W Bush years. You have over delivered. I await either impeachment or a massive disaster/collapse. This does not end any other way.
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Clinton losing ground, Third Parties

I called the election a few weeks ago but it turns out you can never count on Hillary Clinton to keep support. Since Comey's announcement the race has tightened significantly in swing states. A Trump has gone back to no being impossible. The upside to this is if Hillary wins by a smaller margin she can't shun progressives as much, so some people say. She will probably shun progressives either way. A close race against Donald Trump could make a primary of Hillary Clinton more likely. LBJ also stepped down. Neither case is terribly likely. Again, the United States will enter a right direction wing death spiral; especially if Hillary Clinton runs again.

I didn't find third party candidates terribly relevant to cover but I will do that now.

Garry Johnson has been dubbed by the media as being stupid and crazy, which is a very accurate assesssment of libertarians. He is known for not knowing what Aleppo was, not being able to name a world leader is that he likes, perhaps the second is the most concerning. He occasionally does eccentric things, sometimes it's funny, other times it's weird. Libertarians are right on social issues, wrong on economic issues. That's basically the gist of things.

Jill Stein I said I would vote for if I lived in America. This doesn't mean she is the perfect candidate. I think that her position on GMOs is downright anti-science. She panders to conspiracy theorists like anti vaxxers and 9/11 loons, but she does not believe in the conspiracy theories herself. Hillary Clinton however believes that Wall Street is best to tell her how to regulate it and pushed fracking around the world. Clinton supporters claiming that Jill Stein is crazy need to examine their own fucking candidate. At least I can admit my candidate is somewhat crazy and could happily vote for her knowing she will never get power. She is also closer to my beliefs than the other three batshit insane narsissists in the race. Hillary Clinton is so crazy she thinks that Republicans with her after they investigated her a billion times and impeached her husband over a blow job. I like her college proposal, before reactionary morons tell me it's too expensive the US just spent 1.5 trillion on fighter jets. That is just one wasteful spending by the US government; there is probably more. Student debt is about 200 billion less than the fighter jets. It's a terrible argument to keep students in debt just because that is what they agreed; what choice did they have if they wanted the education? I don't care if the other representatives wouldn't go for it; sometimes you have to negotiate and negotiating from a more radical position would make the final result more left-wing. Blue Dog Democrates like Obama and the Clintons negotiate from the center so the compromise position is more right leaning. Bad idea. Theory attributed to Kyle from Secular Talk.
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Clinton, Alex Jones, Leaks

The media is reporting the FBI has reopened the case into Hillary Clinton's emails. When I called the election I did not expect this. Though apparently it is only 3 emails, not from her private server, so probably no big deal. However ultimately I think that Trump will fuck whatever opportunities he has up so I don't see this changing. By the way the way the number of times Hillary Clinton has been investigated by the FBI during an election campaign: 2. The number of times Bernie Sanders has been investigated by the FBI during an election campaign: 0. Just saying! 2020 is a different story; a Republican will probably win very easily if he's not an utter freak like Donald Trump. Of course assuming that Hillary Clinton is not impeached.

Speaking of utter freaks let's talk about Alex Jones. Hillary has been an attack ad out connecting Donald Trump to Alex Jones; she is right to do this. Alex Jones says 9/11 is a conspiracy, so is Sandy Hook, Newtown, almost everything else you can think of. The things he says are batshit crazy. BEING GAY IS A SPACE CULT TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE ASEXUAL! Oh you need serious help if you take this guy seriously. Trump going on the Alex Jones Show should have been bigger news at the time. Hillary should call him out for associating with an utter lunatic.

Wikileaks have released 21 batches of emails relating to Hillary Clinton. Why can't they find things on Donald Trump and release them like his taxes? This would give them the appearance of being neutral. The Clinton campaign were happy that Florida was a closed primary. It seems that they only want people voting if they vote their way. In other leaks Sweden were simultaneously lobbying the State Department under Hillary Clinton over doing business with Iran and donating to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton wanted to do a speech in Morocco shortly after her campaign launch but the other people in the campaign stopped her from doing so. This tells us that one of the most corrupt people in the Clinton campaign is Hillary Clinton herself. With her in charge cronyism will be alive and well.
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Clinton, Trump, Final Debate, Saudi Arabia

More Clinton leaks; first there is email stating that she would be for the TPPA if things suddenly move on it. This is the least surprising thing ever. Hillary is pro TPPA and you would have to be extremely stupid to claim that she suddenly changed her mind on it after calling it the "gold standard" and lobbying for it 45 times. People say that Republicans must not be elected because this are all climate change deniers, that is true but Hillary Clinton gave a speech to trade unions saying that she will defend natural gas and fracking which also causes earthquakes. When she was Secretary Of State she was a big promoter of fracking; if nothing has changed this is a problem.

Melania Trump has defended her husband's pussy grabbing comments. Personally I think it would be a better strategy to say my husband is a giant asshole. What has the Trump campaign have to lose at this point? Maybe being honest where they can could work better.

Trump is now saying polls are rigged and the election will be rigged too. To me, clearly he can't handle the fact that he is losing and wants to blame something else. "It's not my fault, the system is rigged." No, Donald, you're a shit candidate.

He's such a shit candidate Roger Ailes has bailed calling him unfocused and debate preparation a waste of time. Casino Billionaire Sheldon Adelson has reportedly jumped ship too.

Also Trump thing thinks that Hillary Clinton was on drugs in the second debate. He was the one who was constantly sipping water and more importantly constantly sniffing in the second debate. Doing things associated with drug users plus the accusations makes me think this is a case of projection. Also doesn't he tweet at 3AM? Questionable sleeping patterns is another red flag. He claims to not take drugs including alcohol ever but it's not as if he isn't a total liar or anything.

In the final debate I thought that Trump undercut his message by saying that the US would have more free trade under his rule, he's been anti free trade agreement the entire campaign. Clinton pointed out the fact that Trump is apparently against outsourcing but makes his items overseas. She pointed out the fact that the Trump Tower in Navada was made from Chinese steel. Trump also interrupted with "wrong" and "I did not say that" which has all the validity of "I did not have sexual relations with that woman". He said that foreign governments were "very much smarter" than Obama, ironic choice of words. Hillary got asked about some of the revelations in Wikileaks and she just blamed Russia for leaking them, not a good strategy. They both attacked equally so Hillary won on debate skill. Hillary had a great line; while she was in the Situation Room with the Bin Laden raid Trump was filming Celebrity Apprentice.

In further Hillary Clinton leak news she admitted Saudi Arabia are responsible for promoting the one of the most extreme versions of Islam. I do think that it is good that she has this knowledge but the question is will she do anything about it. Maybe it would be like Wall Street and she will tell they to cut it out out, not very effective. Saudi Arabia is also a donor to the Clinton Foundation, I would be not confident that she will be strong enough. I think the only reasonable solution is to try and move off cheap oil and hit them with economic sanctions when the time is right. This would take at least two years and heavy subsidises to the electric car industry. This is not a perfect plan, but it is the best solution other than reigme change.

Saudi Arabia at least partially funded 9/11 according to internal US documents. Now the US is helping the Saudi side in Yemen. This has no logic. However one positive change is that US citizens can sue Saudi Arabia; Obama tried to veto the bill but he couldn't. One of the fears was it could open the US up to lawsuits however maybe they should just stop fucking up other countries because of oil interests.
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Trump, Clinton, Debate 2

I am calling it; there is no reviving the Trump campaign, Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President of the United States of America. As well as the tape of Trump saying all sorts of demeanning things about woman 3 or more women have come forward saying that Trump sexually assaulted them. Many Republicans have backed off. Although some have back tracked. In essence they jumped off The Titanic and tried to climb back on. Additionally Hillary's lead has widened to at least 7, some polls it's more than 10. There's no chance of a Trump victory. If I was a Republican billionaire I would pay him to leave the race.

WikiLeaks has released Hillary's paid speech transcripts and several thousand internal emails from the Clinton campaign. First transcripts; I don't think they're the bombshell I originally thought but they're still not good. Hillary spoke about having public and private positions which is not really good for the public to know if you're going to be the President. She describes herself as occupying the center left to center right; I think she means center right on fiscal and military issues, basically a corporatist war hawk. She pretty much said that she was in favour of Obama's Grand Bargain which would have cut social security. I recently learned her husband had a plan with Newt Gingrich to privatize social security but the Monica Lewinsky story broke and they lost the political capital. Seems that a blow job saved social security. This is another example of Republicans being idiots; they fuck over the Corporatist Democrates that want to help them. I have to wonder if her assertion that she will protect social security is a public position. Final paid transcripts point: she acknowledges that the banking sector has problems but she thinks that it's up to the industry to come up with solutions. Good luck with that. She's utterly delusional if she really thinks that. The separate Email leaks basically reveal that her campaign is working with media companies to formulate stories, there's also evidence that her campaign got debate questions in advance. Luckily for Hillary Trump is self imploding; I can't see these leaks or future leaks will have a significant effect.

A second debate happened; I would award it to Trump for constantly putting Hillary on the defensive. It was not a blow out victory for Trump, many would argue Clinton won. Donald Trump did say that he'd put Hillary Clinton in prison if he was President; a move that many think comes from a dictatorship. A funny moment was when I assumed Trump said ISIS endorsed him, it was actually a security group called ICE. The debate was pretty scandal driven, 20 minutes until the first policy question.
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Trump, Vice Debate

Two Donald Trump stories. 1. he literally asked dying people to hold off and vote for him. Yes I am sure cancer sufferers are like "I'm going to put off dying just to vote for Donald Trump" On the other hand they have nothing to lose, but if they care about their relatives, they probably don't want Donald Trump to be president. So dying sadists would probably respond well. 2. he was caught on mic saying things like I grabbed her by the pussy. People asserting this will tank his campaign might have more validity if we didn't have a "is this it" moment every two weeks. This won't tank his campaign, but I predict he will continue to trend down because of his self destructive tendencies I think he has.

The Vice Presidential debate happened; it was boring and irrelevant. 80% of it was about terrorism, it was entirely irrelevant to people's lives. Are the American people really interested about the hypothetical of North Korea setting off a nuke? All you need to know is if Trump or Clinton dies; America is still fucked. Actually Mike Pence might be president the moment of Trump's (unlikely) victory. Apparently Trump wanted to delegate "domestic and foreign policy" to John Kasich if he was Vice President. NO QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS! Un fucking believable! Pence is a religious extremist lunatic famous for allowing businesses to ban gays. Americans should be scared of him if he gets power, he could be the next Dick Cheney.
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Trump Campaign and Debate 1

Things are not getting any better for the Trump campaign. Firstly there was at least two people directly involved in criminal allegations including Mike Pence's pilot who is charged with running someone over intentionally, and there was another allegation with a Harley Davidson. Two state directors resigned over alleged criminal conduct; Georgia trespassing, damaging a laptop and slashing tyres. North carolina: The director pulled a gun on a campaign staffer. They can pick em!

But you say they are private citizens and have nothing to do with Donald Trump. You're right! Luckily I have a new story of alleged criminal activity by Donald Trump himself along with his businesses. It appears in 1998 Trump did business with Cuba. Doing so was illegal under US law due to the Cuban Embargo. I doubt he will be prosecuted and frankly it was a silly law to begin with. It is only one in a long line of questionable and/or illegal actions by Trump organizations. For example there is good evidence that the Trump Foundation was not acting as a legitimate nonprofit; buying paintings of Donald Trump and Tim Tebow helmet, donating to at least one candidate for office. Trump Modelling also did some questionable practices regarding immigration visas.

Speaking of immigration Trump thought that it would be a brilliant idea to attack an immigrant model on Twitter. *facepalm* In the first debate Hillary brought up the fact he called a beauty contestant Miss Piggy for gaining weight and Miss Housekeeping for being Latino. I would have left this, he went on and attacked the woman for having a sex tape. This isn't even true, she just went on a Big Brother style reality TV show. Even if it was true, HIS IMMIGRANT WIFE IS A FORMER MODEL THAT POSED NAKED. She is allowed to do this, just like people are allowed to have sex tapes. This just makes Trump look worse.

As for the rest of the debate: Trump won the first half when he said Bill Clinton did NAFTA and discussed how bad Bernie Sanders was treated. Clinton won the second half when she was discussing why Donald Trump won't release his tax returns. Additionally Trump sounded like a complete idiot using words like "bigly" and "cyber" instead of cybersecurity. At times Trump was funny but most of the time he sounded like an absolute moron. Overall I think that Clinton won.
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