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Quick BS, Wiretapping, Health-care,CIA

I am creating a segment specifically for the Buffoon Administration. Quick BS. Issues that people are talking about but I don't find particularly relevant.

Quick BS. Buffoon says Obama wire tapped him. Bottom line he's the President, he can release such information. However there is no evidence because he got the information from right wing conspiracy websites. If I was him I would just manufacturer the evidence to prevent me from looking stupid. A warrant was issued to wiretap Buffoon Tower but was rejected. No evidence of actual wiretapping, bullshit claims from President Buffoon!

The Republican health-care plan has been released; basically it's the Affordable Care Act without the individual mandate, without the extra taxes on the rich plus some deregulation. On the positive side those with pre existing conditions are not denied coverage and under 26s can stay on their parents plan. Medicaid expansion also ends in 2020. The plan may not get passed because Right Wing Nut Jobs want to dismantle it more. The plan also has age based premiums, good for young people, not so good if you're old. If you lapse you pay a penalty to the insurance company instead of the government. Paul Ryan did a Powerpoint presentation complaining that healthy people pay for sick people. Yeah that's how insurance works, idiot! When you buy car insurance you don't assume you'll crash, but if you do you're covered. Healthy people would pay for years but if they get cancer in two decades they don't have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. Paul Ryan is considered an intellect but in reality is a well presented moron.

Wikileaks has revealed that the CIA can use Smart TVs as listening devices and can hack into cars. I am not terribly surprised by this, I have voiced concern about the car issue before. As the world moves towards automated cars this should get attention. As much as we should advocate for privacy random corporations have all sorts of information on you. There is little you can do about it. At the same time, do you really need a Smart TV if privacy is important to you? There is a difference between letting things go, and actively giving them more information than necessary. I'm on the letting things go, but I don't want to expose myself to additional spying if I don't really need to. I am actually going to build myself a home automation system. Suddenly Infrared sounds like a good idea. Also if the CIA can hack and crash cars, so can other people. Manufacturers should be very careful about how they program cars. Sadly I don't think that a serious conversation is happening.
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Sessions, Speech, Bush, Icahn

Jeff Sessions is the latest controversy in the Buffoon Administration. Just like Michael Flynn he lied about conversations he had with Russians; he lied in hearings. They have an Attorney General that has committed p; he should immediately resign. Of course that won't happen; they won't ask him to resign because they already had Michael Flynn going. That would be too many cabinet members going in a short amount of time. People may think they're incompetent and corrupt if he resigned. Because nobody would think that the Buffoon Administration is incompetent and corrupt otherwise!

Buffoon gave a joint address to Congress, didn't open his zip and piss on the floor so the media gave him a pass, some pundits even suggested that he may get a second term if he carries on like that. Such pundits are delusional. Buffoon is a buffoon and will continue to be so. When he isn't shitting himself, it's an exception and will continue to be an exception. The entire administration is shitting itself every few days. Hell, I don't think that he had a net favorable rating since launching his campaign. It's utterly delusional to suggest that if he starts speaking better things will go in his favour. Buffoon is going to be a buffoon. This is a desperate attempt for the media to be neutral, and it's pathetic! Objective journalism is different than neutral journalism. You could neutrally cover the flat earth theory by saying some think the earth is flat and some think it's round. Neutrally is bullshit. You can't be an effective watchdog if you insist on covering everything neutrally. In the same speech he said that he was going to record crimes by immigrants in a public database; something Hitler did to the Jews. Fuck your neutrality obsession.

George W Bush can fuck off too. Although I agree with him that the media should be tough on Trump. The media were largely lapdogs to the Bush Administration while they started two wars. The media did such a horrible job at informing the public that many Americans thought Saddam Hussein personally organized 9/11. If only the media was more cynical to George W Bush. He is a war criminal and those who want to glorify him can fuck off.

Carl Icahn is basically a consultant on deregulation issues which means that he doesn't need to divest since he is not officially at the Whitehouse. He also owns a majority stake in an oil refinery. Guess where this is going. It was announced that a new Executive Order will move the requirement of oil being 15% Ethanol from the refiner to the wholesaler, saving Icahn's company 200 million dollars. A government contractor is using his public policy influence to enrich himself. I expect this will be the first of many. Perhaps I'll call the administration Swamp Administration, or use this occasionally.
Posted at 04/03/2017 22:03:02 EST 0 comments

National Security Adviser, Labor Secretary, EPA Head, Literary

The Baffoon Administration is already falling apart. The National Security Adviser is gone after he was involved in conversations with Russia before he was confirmed. Before anyone celebrates, I think that he is going to be replaced by a more extreme person. Michael Flynn is now the shortest serving National Security Adviser in history. This also has fuelled the Russia talk surrounding the Buffoon Administration. My take is extremists on either side are idiots. If you say that there's nothing there you are just denying reality at this point. If you're obsessed with it at the expense of everything else including many possible impeachable offenses, you're in lala land.

One good thing was the Secretary of Labor pick wasn't confirmed; the former Carl's Jr boss that was in favour of automation and had questionable labor practices. It's hard to imagine a worst pick, but I'm sure that I will be surprised. He didn't have hearings because it got out that he hired an undocumented immigrant and beat his wife. It could be the undocumented immigrant; they practically have Orange Bill Cosby as president, though Buffoon's ex didn't go on Oprah to talk about it.

The new Environmental Protection Agency head got confirmed, he previously sued the Environmental Protection Agency. So expect that department to go to shit. This polices things like air pollution and lead levels. Lead levels are already a massive problem. 2,000 areas have lead levels higher than Flint. So things are bad but they're about to get worse.

More evidence that the Buffoon is barely literate; it was exposed that he likes reports one page with pictures. *facepalm* The only way it would be worse is they were giving him things to colour in! Though he probably doesn't have the attention span for that. You cannot get all the information that you need to be president in one page, this includes national security information. There is some chance America will be in danger due to his incompetence. If he got a phone call at 3AM he probably will be too busy tweeting to answer it.
Posted at 18/02/2017 20:13:16 EST 0 comments

Bannon, Literacy, Conway, Terrorism, Muslim ban

Steve Bannon is now on the US National Security Council. Who is Steve Bannon? A white supremist that ran alt right conspiracy website Britbert. You might remember him as Trump's campaign manager and top adviser. Apparently he is on the National Security Council now. Apparently Trump didn't know what he was signing when he signed the Executive Order/Action! So apparently the President of the US doesn't even read the Executive Orders/Actions he is signing and he has signed about 14 of them at this point. Either the President is too lazy to read, or is barely literate and doesn't know how to read complex material.

David Pakman now is convinced President Buffoon is barely literate and I can't say that I've seen any evidence proving him wrong. Apparently as a barely literate person you can run multi million dollar businesses. Obviously not very well as many went bankrupt. I think that he did it all through delegation. It's also possible that some people would scam a thick rich person; might explain some of his failures, but this is my own speculation. I would be very interested to know if he suffered any major trauma when he was 8 or 9. I know early trauma triggers Narcissistic Personality Disorder in people and the brain freezes, some people with the condition still remain highly intelligent, obviously he isn't one of them.

To add to her alternative facts Kellyanne Conway just made up a massacre. To justify the muslim Conway said there was a massacre in Atlanta. Here's the thing; it didn't actually happen. What she was referring to was there being two Iraqis that had fingerprints that were on some bombs back in Iraq. There was no evidence that they were planning something in America. They certainly didn't kill anybody in America. So week three and already the Orange Buffoon administration is making up massacres! What is week four? Claiming a country nuked Texas! Week 5 an alien invasion?

Orange Buffoon is claiming that the media is ignoring terrorist attacks. Of course the reality is the opposite. When Muslim terrorist attack happens it's covered for days. When a white Christian terrorist attack happens which by the way is more frequent the media is much less likely to call it terrorism. Instead they're crazy or lone wolves. Even if you disagree on that point it's crazy to suggest that the media doesn't cover terrorist attacks by Muslims.

The Muslim ban is now suspended, several judges have blocked it and this includes at the ninth circuit court. I was never convinced that it would pass the constitutional test. Then again I also was not convinced it would be attempted; I was wrong about that. In my defense President Buffoon is a pathological liar and constantly changes his mind including about the Muslim ban at one point. I hope that the ban on the muslim ban sticks.
Posted at 11/02/2017 20:22:55 EST 0 comments

Two signature Orange Buffon policies are stupid

Both the wall and ban on certain Muslim countries are stupid ideas. Net immigration from Mexico to the United States is close to zero or in the negatives by some estimates. Undocumented immigrates also generally help the economy by taking out more than they put in due to sales taxes. The wall wouldn't work anyway due to tunnels and many migrants just stay after flying. All the tariff on imports from Mexico will do is raising the cost for goods from Mexico that are brought in America. Mexico won't pay for the wall; Americans will.

The Muslim ban is even more senseless because none of the people from the countries on the list committed a terrorist attack on US soil. 15/19 hijackers from the 9/11 attacks were from Saudi Arabia, this country isn't on the list. I am sure that it is just a coin that the Orange Buffon registered 7 companies during the election campaign. President Buffon also has business with Qatar which isn't on the list; you should get a theme here. This ban is bullshit and is just designed to drum up hate. Several federal judges have ruled it unconstitutional but the Buffon Administration refuses to comply, this from the President who said that he was the law and order candidate. If your intention is to encourage fewer fundamentalists in the Muslim community the last thing you should do is isolate them, which will only encourage more hostility. Isolation didn't work for Cuba. Letting fundamentalists see an alternative culture has to be the way forward. Of course you should stop arming them and toppling their governments too.

These are stupid policies from a stupid president.

There are rumors that some of the GOP Congress are questioning his mental state. If just some feel like he's taking their away and ignoring institutions we could be looking at impeachments perhaps even sooner than I expected.
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Orange Baffoon, Justice Democrats

I have made a decision, from now on I will refer to the President as Orange Baffon. The reason being he loves his name being mentioned. I predict that he will have the most mentions on the web. I will not add to that.

Orange Baffon issued a number of Executive Orders. Obama only issued about 40 in total, a low among recent presidents. President Baffon has done things like approved pipelines, he has a personal financial interest in at least one of them. He has also banned refugees from many muslim countries and also to build a wall. He has also cancelled the TPPA, he deserves temporary credit; I still say that he will do another trade deal of a similar nature. He's also going to redo NAFTA. What that means, I don't know. If you're being generous, you could say he'll improve trade laws but does tremendous damage elsewhere. I don't believe that he'll significantly improve trade laws, but also have no evidence at this time. So on this, he deserves credit temporarily at least. He also has ordered scientific bodies not to report science to the public and a freeze on EPA resources. So the environment will go to hell in the next few years.

Two talk shows I listen to; The Young Turks and Secular Talk are fed up with the Corporate Democrats and have formed a group to take back the party for the people. Their site is My feeling is if anybody can do it, these people can. Secular Talk nearly raised 100K for a studio, The Young Turks just raised 1.5 million for new reporters. They're new media powerhouses and frequently break new ground. T.Y.T has already formed Wolf PAC and successfully got resolutions passed to get money out of politics via a constitutional convention, they need 30 states to pass it, they have 6. Now they're targeting the candidates themselves. See what happens, maybe they will be successful. I have two criticisms. "People Democrats" sounds better. Some stupid people would dismiss Justice as Social Justice Warriors, this is bad for marketing, this will lead to hostility and dismissive behaviour. Personally I couldn't care less about labeling people SJWs. I'd sooner assess the issues I perceive to be fringe on a case by case basis and argue against them if necessary. Second criticism, this should have been done years ago. However I love the fact people that I admire are doing this!
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Rick Perry, Betsy DeVoss, Projection, Inauguration

Rick Perry, once described as a dumb George W Bush, let that sink in. He now has had hearings to lead the Department Of Energy, a department he once famously said he wanted to eliminate, and couldn't remember the name, and apparently even didn't know what the department did. Turns out one of the department functions is maintaining the nuclear aerosol. Opps! Perry is a friend to big oil so forget about climate change progress. Our best hope is if China continues to take the lead. If I had Trump's ear, I'd just bait him to be competitive with China over this.

Betsy DeVoss does not believe in public education, so naturally has been appointed to Education Secretary. Her main qualifier is donating millions of dollars to the republican party. Her organization worked to promote charter schools and religious schools. Yesterday I discovered Corey Booker is supportive of the organization and gave a speech there. Thanks for that video Jimmy Dore. In her hearings she wouldn't say that public and charter schools should have equal accountability, didn't know the difference between growth vs proficiency and suggested that schools don't need to be gun free because of possible bear attacks which as far as I can tell don't actually happen. Now, the so called left Obama administration has continued the trend of charter schools despite 40% performing worse than public schools. DeVoss is going to make the problem worse with less accountability for the corporations that run the school. Obama did do a positive change to make testing less rigid, probably going to rolled back.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has been accused of abusing fentanyl. This was not surprising to me at all. Humanity has a long history of taking whatever they think is bad about themselves and projecting it on to others. Many anti gay republicans get caught in gay affairs, in bathrooms or taking male companions on trips as "bag carriers". Recently it was revealed a founder of a Neo Nazi website married a Jew. In the majority of these cases the issue is self hatred rather than just hatred. People need to cut out hatred; both of themselves and others.

Trump's inauguration happened. Crowds were about half that of Obama's. The media is reporting Trump is insistent they are lying about the inauguration crowd numbers. Of course; he's not going to be less crazy now that he's President. The President is utterly disconnected from reality; buckle up.
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Appointees, Corey Booker, Pissgate, People Power

Hearings began on the Trump cabinet appointees. Jeff Sessions the Attorney General pretended he was not racist or homophobic. The Exxon Mobile CEO Secretary of State pretended to care about climate change. Ben Carson was unable to rule out conflict of interest for Trump. Corey Booker pretended to give a fuck about anything other than his presidential ambitions in 2020. That is the gist of things.

Corey Booker also voted down an bill that would allow medications to be imported from Canada, effectively lowering the price. Progressives already see him as Hillary Clinton 2.0. If he was smart he would side with progressives in most cases instead he'll be view as a tool of corporations. He's fucking his chances.

I would cover pissgate, but I don't have time to cover bullshit.

The republicans wanted to gut the House Ethics Committee but the population pushed back hard with phone calls and their plans were stopped. The lesson here is people power does work on occasion provided it is effective. Although the move wouldn't have affected corporations so I guess it has limited power. You should absolutely use people power when you can get results. Also it is critical to use it on so-called left-wing governments like Obama and Bill Clinton. The people shouldn't go to sleep just because their men (or women) are in power. You should argueably fight harder when you encounter more receptive people.
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Schumer, Pelosi, War Room

Chuck Schumer is an idiot; he leads the Democrates in the Senate and has said that the Republicans will pay a price for not voting on a Supreme Court justice "In time". "In time"? What the fuck? You just had an election. The time to make them pay was then. Instead you sat on your ass while Hillary Clinton painted Republicans as not as extreme as Donald Trump. Chuck is just as moronic and stupid as Hillary Clinton. He said that for every blue collar worker they shun; they'll pick up two Republican votes. How the fuck did that work out? Not well.

Nancy Pelosi is also an idiot because she said in an interview that the Republicans won't try to Repeal the Affordable Care Act. Apparently the Republicans trying to do just that 45 million times since its inception is no indication of anything. Republicans seem totally cool with the Affordable Care Act. What fucking fantasy world do the Democrates live in? Legislation has since been introduced, to repeal the Affordable Care Act, with the added bonus of defunding Planned Parenthood, because fuck women! Luckily this bonus is too extreme for some Republicans and it is unlikely to be accepted. Donald Trump has claimed he will keep the A.C.A. My prediction is they will probably try to gut the legislation, at minimum.

Meanwhile the Democrates have built a "War Room" for fighting Donald Trump filled with former Hillary campaign staffers, because they just did a bang up job during the election they just lost!
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Israel, Russia, Lunatic

12 countries called out Israel for building settlements, the US didn't veto. I am pleased but it's too little to late from the Obama Administration. The government of Israel has proceeded to cut ties with many of the countries. OK, they are really only hurting themselves by doing that. The non veto and the resolution for that matter is largely symbolic; it doesn't do anyway and in 2 minutes Trump will take over. He and the Republicans will continue to kiss the ass of Israel's government. Some members of Trump's upcoming cabinet favor a one state solution; absurd position because the rest of the UN and the more progressive fractions of Israel will never agree to this. Even the right wing government of Israel is not outwardly for this position. Fantasy land in Trump's administration.

Obama has place new sanctions on Russia for alleged interference in the election. The CIA still has not released evidence. Whatever Obama. Trump will just come in and reverse it. Perhaps if Obama had not pushed the TPPA Hillary would of had a better shot. Also if the deal is really dead (I'm still skeptical) pushing the deal accomplished you nothing, and probably would have hurt Democrates in the long run. Congratulations on being stupid and fucking your own base. You can just go join Bill Clinton on being a poor excuse of a Democrate. Luckily for him he's still massively popular. By the way if the Republicans let him do a "Grand Bargain" that would have cut Social Security he probably wouldn't be as popular at this time. The next President will go in the opposite direction.

In random lunatic news Rodrigo Duterte who is President of the Philippines threatened to throw corrupt officials off a helicopter as he "has done before". He may be the only person in the world that makes Trump look sane and reasonable. This guy is an absolute lunatic and I hope that he is voted out promptly.
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